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PVP with omniscience!

DamageIndicator allows you to check the health condition of your opponent even beyond the limits of normal Minecraft PVP! You can see in real time, to one decimal place, how much damage your opponent has already taken, right above their heads!

A style just the way you like it!

No matter if you prefer numbers, percentages or visual hearts, you can freely choose the display of the hearts above players' heads!


Please note that DamageIndicator can be bannable on some servers, as it can give you a game advantage over other players. To be on the safe side, check the server's rules and guidelines! No worries to all server teams out there, this addon can be disabled by servers with our Server API.





The function is basically practical, but currently has a small bug. When the "Healthbar" option is activated, no display is currently shown above the player.
Wenn es auf mehr Servern funktionieren würde, wäre es perfekt. Da es aber einige Server verbieten ist es leider fast useless.