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Display your current song

If you are using the official Spotify application, available on the Spotify website, the Spotify addon adds two brand-new widgets to your HUD. This allows you to either just keep track of the currently playing song and artist, or even control your Spotify playlist while being ingame. Having to tab out of your game to change the song is a thing of the past now!

Public listening!

The Spotify addon allows you to share your current song right below your name. By that, you can show everyone what song you are listening to and maybe even have a conversation about it in the VoiceChat! Finally, everyone can see what a Swiftie you are! If you prefer keeping your musical taste disclosed, you can always disable this feature in the addon settings. In order to protect younger users, we offer a setting that prevents by Spotify marked explicit songs from being shared to the public. This setting is enabled by default.





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You sadly can't fast forwards or rewind, please add this!
Ist besonders cool für jemand der kein 2ten Monitor hat, kannst ganz einfach dann ingame umstellen.
Linus support!!!!!11!1!1!111!1!!